Saturday, 27 November 2010

Shigaev Dauletkerey Kyuis - Даулеткерей куйлерi Photobucket

Dauletkerei(Shygaiuly) (1820-1887) - composer, kiuishi. Dauletkerei was an advocate of the spiritual development of mankind and always defended his principles and convictions. He travelled widely, met with the representatives of artistic and clerical circles and studied common people’s way of life. One of the most important events in the composer’s life was meeting with great Kurmangazy. In addition to Kurmangazy, the kiuishis such as Sokyr Eszhan, Baizhuma, Musirali especially influenced the creative activity of Dauletkerei. Under the influence of such great men formed his civil world outlook and creative development. Dauletkerei’s compositions show progressive social views, philosophy of life, the lyrics of the times, the history of the people. The kiuis of Dauletkerei -«Akbala kyz», «At kalgan», «Baizhuma», «Zhiger», «Kudasha» etc. entered the treasury of Kazakh musical culture.

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