Sunday, 28 November 2010

Qaraqalpaq Xaliq ansambli "Muxalles"- 2009 Photobucket

The Karakalpaks are one of the ancient, semi - nomadic in the past, ethnos of Central Asia with the rich musical culture. Its formation was running under the influence of historical, cultural and economic activity, geographic and religious factors. Traditional musical culture of the Karakalpaks bases on the rich mythology, myth - poetic and epic traditions of the Khorezm oasis of Central Asia. In its most ancient stratum it reveales the affinity with Turkic, shamanistic, elements. At some stage of historical development, probably in the 16th century, the art consciousness of the Karakalpaks survived a significant impact of Islam and Muslim cultural values. But in case of the Karakalpak musical culture Islam doesn't take such basic positions as it has in the culture of the Uzbeks and Tajiks.

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