Thursday, 25 April 2013

Feherlofia (Son of the White Mare)

During Shamanism program in Zaal 100 on April 26 Primitive Equations will show some edited material from animation films based on shamanistic myths. PEQ will create its own new soundtrack live for those edits.
One of the films we have chosen is "Fehérlófia" or "Son Of The White Mare", animation film from 1981 by a Hungarian Marcell Jankovics. Based on the work of László Arany and ancient Hunnic and Avaric legends, Fehérlófia is a tribute to the old steppe peoples. 
This amazing animation tells a story surreal and magical, yet full of archetypal symbolism and built in accordance with mytho-logic.

Here you can watch the original film with an original soundtrack. Prees CC button for English translation captions.

Read more details about the film and its director here:  

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